I’m going out for a while… I may be some time


I think the time has come to move on.

I’ve been @ThePrimaryHeading on Twitter since 2012. Generally, Twitter has been good for me. I’ve interacted with some fine folk, avoided a few more and learnt that the only way to really enjoy a TwitterStorm is from the outside looking in.

I genuinely feel Twitter professionally developed me which, as a new headteacher, I welcomed. It is still a great place to dive into if you wish to explore the world beyond your own echo chamber. Twitter also helped me promote my blog to a wider audience – something I was passionate about for a few years, but now…meh!

Recently though, my feelings about Twitter have changed. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be one of those blogs where I carp on about the ‘dark side’ of Twitter. It’s the internet, people, not the wonderful world of Oz. I just can’t be bothered. I haven’t had my feelings hurt. I don’t consider myself a victim. I haven’t been shamed into silence. It’s just… I feel like I’ve seen it all.

There are only so many gifs, hashtags and selfies that a man can take. I feel like if I see one more picture of a book one of you is reading, or card that you received from a kid, or ironic twitter poll that hilariously skews the educational debate of the day, I am liable to throw my phone out of the window and, at present, I really can’t afford a new phone.

Oh, the irony! The smug anonymous Head Tweeter who has bounced around Twitter with his hilarious quips about modern educational life, is now sick of his own medicine. I know, funny ain’t it?

But the truth is, I’m bored. I’m bored of everything. The endless debates that go nowhere. The faux outrage – I’m even a bit bored of the real outrage! But more than that, I’m bored of @theprimaryhead and his predictable timeline. And I’ve tried following different people but those damn twitter algorithms, they do not want to support a man who’s trying to spice up his timeline.


Well, here’s the kicker… I’m not actually leaving.


Despite what you all thought when you started reading this, I’m not going to deactivate my account. I’ve got over 15k beautiful followers you idiots, you think I’m going to throw that away? Not a chance. Especially when I’ve got more @brainEDcomedy to promote*.

But I’m going to start afresh somewhere else. I’m going to set up a new Twitter account, just like I did in 2012. I’m going to build it up from scratch and see where it takes me. I might cast my net a bit wider – goodness knows we all need 14% more diversity than we think is good for us in our lives.

Maybe we’ll end up following each other. Maybe we won’t. Maybe you won’t engage as readily with me when I don’t have all that follower capital backing up my legitimacy. Maybe we’ll even get into an argument, won’t that be fun?

I hope so. Maybe, one day I’ll come back to this old blog and tell tales of my adventures.

In the meantime… tweet you later!

*Seriously people, please follow, listen to and subscribe to @brainEDcomedy. We haven’t put anything out for a while but we will do soon and you’re going to love it!

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